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Resorts For Sale Canada specializes in listing & selling Fishing & Hunting waterfront Resorts, Lodges and camps. We have 30+ years experience successfully selling to Purchasers world-wide. We don't just advertise your property for sale, we actively promote your property to find the right buyer. Once an interested and qualified Purchaser is found we facilitate a successful and smooth transition by guiding Purchaser and Seller through the entire process from beginning to possession date.

I have a network of bankers, lawyers and accountants who specialize or have a good working knowledge of the intricacies of working with fishing and hunting resort - Lodge properties in order to insure that once a suitable property is found by a qualified Purchaser we can facilitate a successful transition.

I have professional associates on standby able to handle all aspects of a transaction of this nature, including but not limited to qualified appraisers and lawyers familiar with resort sales thus ensuring a smooth transition to a qualified Purchaser.

We have Canadian Fishing & Hunting Resorts - Lodges - camps for sale to satisfy all tastes and requirements. Resorts range from a modest facility with ample opportunities for growth, to a wilderness paradise resort/lodge complete with five star accommodations, its own runway and aircraft to transport guests to and from the resort.

Resorts For Sale Canada has Canadian Resorts for sale to satisfy all tastes and requirements. From a modest facility with opportunities for growth, to a wilderness paradise resort/lodge complete with five star accommodations, its own runway and aircraft to transport their guests to and from the resort.

More Hunting and Fishing Resorts

Resorts for Sale Canada has more hunting lodges, fishing lodges and resorts available that do not appear on this web-site, either because they have not been posted yet or by specific request of the owners. Please contact me at Resorts for Sale Canada by e-mail click here or phone with your specific resort requirements. I'm sure we will have a fishing hunting or combination resort and/or lodge that will satisfy your needs.

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Canada Fishing Adventures-Extraordinare!

Canada Fishing Adventures Canada offers fishing adventures like nowhere else on earth – pure, rugged, and unspoiled. From mountains to coastlines, glaciers to secluded forests and lakes, there’s so much to see and do that you could set out on an adventure all year round. Canada is home to one of the world’s largest networks of national parks and protected areas. Whether you’re on the high Arctic, Pacific or Atlantic coasts, crossing the Canadian Shield, travelling the Great Lakes, or riding the prairie foothills or mountains, you’ll experience extraordinary nature and true wilderness. No matter what you choose you’ll wake up to another day of adventure in this unspoiled wilderness.


Ecotourism is another opportunity, still in its infancy, offering an added bonus for expansion into another growth aspect of recreational lakefront resorts. Ecotourism in the US brings in almost as many dollars as Americans spend to attend all of professional sports. Ecotourism is one of the fastest growing segments of the travel industry today. An increasing number of travelers are seeking educational, cultural, sustainable adventure and special- interest vacation experiences that are consistent with their personal sense of responsibility for the environment. Bird watching vacations are one of the many experiences that are gaining in popularity throughout Manitoba and Canada.

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As a result, many conservation and community groups along with existing fishing and hunting lodge and resort owners throughout the rural areas of the provinces are beginning to promote the development of ecotourism in an attempt to diversify their economies, and increase employment opportunities as well as the revenue.

Canada Tourism - Fastest Growing Industry

The Tourism Industry is the fastest growing industry in Canada. Manitoba is a world leader in progressive fish management with strong Catch-and-Release policy and Barbless Hook Program ensuring that the avid angler along with the novice experiences the excitement of hooking a trophy fish from the depths of our Manitoba lakes. The incredible diversity of our fish offers something for everyone. In Manitoba and across Canada the Tourism Industry represents one of the leading economic foundations for many communities, and provides numerous jobs. To some, it is a way of life, a chance to work alongside your family members, towards a common goal - your future. To others, it provides an excellent environment for business investment with countless rewards and higher returns on their investments. I invite you to consider all the benefits of buying and operating your own tourism business.

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