Northwestern Manitoba Fishing & Hunting Resort


Snowmobiles Lined Up in Front of the Lodge


This resort is situated on an isolated lake in North Western Manitoba fed by numerous pollution free creeks and streams. There are no other private cabins or lodges on the lake. The lake is dotted with more than 125 islands and is surrounded by boreal forest with an abundance of White and Black Spruce, Jackpine, Tamarak, Willow, and Birch. Sweeping natural sand beaches. This resort offers something for everyone, a spectacular vacation, year round operation, and spectacular sport fishing unequalled in the rugged, pristine wilderness of northwestern Manitoba.


Rolling eskers and outcrops of rocks from the Pre-Cambrian Shield are a visual history of the Great Ice Age, and before. Hiking amidst the great eskers leaves one in awe at the great forces of nature that formed this land. It offers a haven for both the mature geologist, or for those who just like to explore the rugged country-side dotted with thousands of pristine lakes and untamed rivers. Plants and trees are abundant, with many species of mushrooms, flowers, berries, and bounties of mosses to the delight of the botanists among us -- Nature, raw and unspoiled.

Plane Tied to Dock at Sunset
Comfortable Cabins to Enjoy
After Dark Lighted Teepee
Moose Relaxing under a Tree in the Shade
Black Bear


Black bears roam the wooded trails and moose thrive on the abundant water plants. This is the land of the caribou migration, and at night the howl of the wolf will send shivers down your spine. Foxes hunt rabbit and red squirrel, competing with the majextic eagles and owls. Beaver, mink, fisher, and otter enjoy the many lakes and water ways, and the industrious muskrat can be seen swimming to his home on the banks.


Spring introduces a kaleidoscope of birds on their northern migration. Great flocks of Canadian Geese, Snow Geese, Swans, and Cranes can be seen, filling the air with their sounds. Various species of ducks, and other water fowl nest on the shores, and the haunting cry of the loon can be heard echoing from every lake. The kingfisher thrives, along with the tiny warblers, goldfinches, rosy-breasted grosbeak, Canadian jay, sparrows, hawks, ravens, crows, swallows, and species to numerous to list. This is a bird-watchers paradise.


Summer in the north will amaze most adventurers. Daylight never seems to end.

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