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Enjoy some of the best fishing northern Saskatchewan has to offer, maybe even Canada! This resort is Saskatchewan's most remote trophy fishing destination and very well known for their trophy northern pike, lake trout and artic grayling. The lodge built in 2008 is equipped with comfortable furniture, satellite and a 42" plasma TV. Lodge offers some of the best Northern Pike, Lake Trout and Arctic Grayling fishing available to fishermen today. Also, with a strict catch and release policy with barbless hooks mandatory, fishing will remain outstanding for years to come!

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Dining Room
Dining Room


The cabins feature comfortable beds, three piece bathrooms and propane heat.


The aggressive fish management program, small guest capacity and moderate fishing pressure, sums up to this: great angling and the opportunity to catch trophies will be guaranteed for years to come. The same day fly-out program started in 2004 and has been a huge success. Still a great value, many fishermen have related that their fly out adventure was the best single day of fishing in their life. The lodge has exclusive use of 16 day use lakes, 7 of which are rarely fished. One of the lakes holds the single best daily record of 268 fish for one boat of which 41 were over 40". All lakes are only available for the exclusive use of the lodge guests. Unlike a lot of lodges, there are no expensive fly outs or long boat rides to reach trophy waters.

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Lake Trout:

The lake harbors a vast number of Lake Trout and on any given day, electronics screen can be covered with fish.

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Each season fishermen catch and release trophies in the 15 to 30 pound class and occasionally, fish up to 43 pounds. Unlike Pike, with Big Trout, the bigger the lure, the bigger the fish has never been more true than at this lake. The big golden Lakers will and do challenge the best equipment.Their strength is incredible and similar to reeling in a halibut off the ocean floor and then even a strong rod and an absolute knot have been known to fail. Patience and determination offer guests of the lodge the opportunity to land a trophy!

Northern Pike

Whether the goal of the guests of the lodge is a 38", 43" or maybe even a 46" Northern? Well, how about a 48" or even a 50" Northern. From mid June to mid July sight fishing is almost guaranteed. There is nothing more exciting than a huge Northern making a V in the clear shallow water as it races to your lure and then watching the water explode right in front of you. Fly fishermen also find this period as the ultimate thrill to fly fishing for one of the largest fresh water fish available. These big Pike will test the skills of the best fisherman and strain their equipment to the ultimate performance. From mid July on, as the fish become fat for the long winter pulling them out of the cabbage is a thrill you'll have to experience.

Dining Room


Guests of the lodge enjoy the comfort and safety of the Alumarine Pro Guide Boat, powered by a quiet 25hp, 4 stroke Mercury motor. Each craft is equipped with approved life jackets, Loki catch and release nets and pike cradles.

Dining Room
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Arctic Grayling:

Within fifteen minutes of the lodge the lake flows into the a river, and is home to some of the best Arctic Grayling fishing in Saskatchewan. Each season we see Grayling in the 20" class caught and up to 17" are quite common, often weighing up to three pounds. These fish are masters of fast water normally lying among the huge rocks on the river floor waiting for their next meal. Hooking a Grayling in fast water is awesome to say the least. They are acrobatic, jumping and peeling line in an effort to escape and often their energy is so tumultuous they are near death when finally landed........They do require the most delicate handling and no one can help, but to admire their prism colors as they race to return the sailfish of the north to its home. This fish will certainly be a major topic of the lodge guests for years to come!


The outcamp is situated atop an island located on the southern end of a 10 mile lake, this camp will surely satisfy lodge guests appetite for great fishing in a remote wilderness area and for exclusive use only. The solar powered 12 X 24 cabin accommodates four fishermen and has propane utilities and running water. Also guests can enjoy a hot shower in the new solar generated shower house. The boat is equipped with a 20 hp Mercury motor. The grounds are well maintained by a camp caretaker.


The lodge offers a great bear hunting experience. Black bears are plentiful and large. Guests of the lodge claim they always have a good hunt. This lodge is an exclusive fly-in American Plan lodge located in far northern corner of Saskatchewan. The lodge is the only one in the area, so bears are plentiful; as a result, some of the biggest black bears in Canada are harvested here. Hunters are set up in stands on well used game trails and will have opportunities for bears well over 350 pounds.

Perhaps, one of the last true remote fly in fishing destinations where fishing is still highly regarded as fishing. The lake, the surrounding waters and its wilderness have been deemed so special that the Saskatchewan Environment Resources Management Department designated it one of two Wilderness Areas in February 2000. This designation will assure protection of its unspoiled beauty and resources for years to come through a ban on commercial logging, commercial mining, commercial fishing, development of roads or any change to the natural process whatsoever. Considered by anglers to have some of the best trophy fishing available anywhere.

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