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I receive referrals from related government departments, Realtors (both locally and internationally) and many existing and past lodge owners and buyers.

I have been active full-time in Commercial Real Estate for 35 years, the last 29 of which have been dedicated to marketing Resort properties in Manitoba and across Canada.

I am the only Realtor in Manitoba and one of a very few across Canada who actively specialize in marketing resort properties. I work with buyers and sellers in all price ranges and offer an exclusive package of services tailored to both Buyers and Sellers. If you request resorts or lodges for sale in Canada or Manitoba or any variation of those terms in your search, you will note that my site is in fact number one on most, if not all major search engines. Constantly updated ad tweaked, this placement has remained high on the search engines for the last 17+ years. Any serious Buyer will eventually contact me!

There are good practice issues to follow and professional protocol in representing the Buyer, Seller or both in the sale of this type of property and operation. There is great importance in how one approaches buying or selling a property of this nature in order to achieve the best possible results.The reputation and stability along with proper marketing procedures go hand in hand.

Names of resorts are not advertised on my website for confidentiality reasons as it is an important key in maintaining and maximizing the operation sales until an actual sale occurs, a benefit to both Buyer and Seller. Prior to dissemination of information concerning any resort property to a prospective customer they are first required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Confidentiality means that I can offer this service with no effect on the lodge or the lodges current or future profitability.

I have a network of bankers, lawyers and accountants who specialize or have a good working knowledge of the intricacies of working with resort properties in order to insure that once a serious buyer is obtained through my marketing efforts, the buyer will be able to complete the purchase. I have associates on standby able to handle all aspects of a transaction of this nature, thus ensuring a smooth transition to a qualified Purchaser.

Vision, integrity, unsurpassed reputation, knowledge, strength and support from beginning to end guaranteed! Count on it!

No one benefits without a successful sale.

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