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Canada Resorts - Sellers Information

If you would be interested in entertaining an offer on your tourism property, I have qualified buyers who are ready, willing and able to proceed with a purchase.

No information on the resort is released without a prospective purchaser firstly being qualified and then, only upon receipt of a signed "Confidentiality Agreement."

I have been in Resorts real estate for 32+ years, the last 25 of which have been dedicated to marketing Resort properties in Manitoba and across Canada through affiliates who are familiar with the intricacies of this type of property.

I am the only Realtor in Manitoba and one of a limited few across Canada who dedicates 100% of my time to marketing resort properties.

If I can be of service to you or someone you know, please contact me for prompt, professional and courteous service. I have associates on standby to handle all aspects of a transaction of this nature, thus ensuring a smooth transition. 

"Confidentiality Assured"

"Vision, Expertise Dedication You Can Count On"

1. Relevant Information

An interested purchaser, before presenting an offer to purchase, will request information regarding the facilities, assets located thereat, licences and permits as well as information as to revenue and expenses. That information is usually only disclosed once the interested purchaser signs a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement.To facilitate the disclosure of relevant information the Seller should prepare and have available a list of facilities and assets located thereat, a list together with copies of all licences and permits and current financial statements and information.

2. Conditions (Sales Agreement)

A purchase and sale agreement usually contains conditions as to closing along with covenants representations and warranties on the part of the seller which, if not satisfied or fulfilled may result in termination of the agreement or a substantial delay in closing. It is therefore prudent for the seller to ensure that all necessary licences and permits are in place for the business or businesses being carried and that all regulatory requirements have been complied with. During this period any other due diligence requirements can be completed so that a closing can occur once the approvals have been obtained for the transfer of operating authority and assignment of Crown Land Permits. The process varies somewhat if the facilities are on private land or located within a park.

3. Commitments

Since a closing of the transaction can be delayed for any number of reasons it is advisable that the seller not make any commitments that could interfere with any commitments made in the purchase and sale agreement in respect to such matters as operation during the interim period or  operational assistance after closing.

4. Professional Assistance

I have access to bankers, lawyers and accountants who specialize or at least have a good working knowledge of the intricacies of working with resort properties in order to insure that when a serious buyer is obtained through my marketing efforts, the buyer will be able to complete the purchase. As well I have associates on standby able to handle all aspects of a transaction of this nature, thus ensuring a smooth transition to a qualified Purchaser.

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